Silk Scarves, Polyester or Satin.

Silk Scarves, Polyester or Satin.

Which Scarf is better?

Polyester, Silk or Satin.

The difference easily explain:


Polyester is a  synthetic fiber, easy to maintain, it is a elastic fiver, is durable and resist wear and tear.

Polyester Scarves are strong, durable and comparatively resistant to wrinkles and creases.


Silk is a natural fiber used to made fabric, silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms, silk is a delicate material, it is not washable, usually requires dry cleaning,  

Chiffon, crepe, taffeta are some types of fabrics that are made from silk fiber.

Silk Scarves are shiny and delicate, they require more care.



What is sustainable fashion?

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainability definition: the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

What Sustainable Fashion means?

Clothing, shoes, accessories that are designed and manufactured, to be used in ways that are

Tops Made With Multi Use Scarf Shawl from Avikerchie

Tops Made With Multi Use Scarf Shawl from Avikerchie

The concept of convertible clothing is becoming more popular than ever with the global awareness of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Avikerchie makes it easy with Scarvers that can be use as Scarf Tops in many different ways, helping reduce your wardrobe considerably without sacrifying style, they are the perfect item in your suitcase for travel and vacations.

The Women Scarves are design with multi function in mind, made form high quality materials and strong sewing, and a luxury scarf look, making Avikerchies durable and reliable when making twists and knots, here are some Styles you can try.