Silk Scarves, Polyester or Satin.

Silk Scarves, Polyester or Satin.

Which Scarf is better?

Polyester, Silk or Satin.

The difference easily explain:


Polyester is a  synthetic fiber, easy to maintain, it is a elastic fiver, is durable and resist wear and tear.

Polyester Scarves are strong, durable and comparatively resistant to wrinkles and creases.


Silk is a natural fiber used to made fabric, silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms, silk is a delicate material, it is not washable, usually requires dry cleaning,  

Chiffon, crepe, taffeta are some types of fabrics that are made from silk fiber.

Silk Scarves are shiny and delicate, they require more care.


Satin is a mix or blend of materials like cotton and polyester, sometimes containing a minimum or not trace of silk, made with a shiny look to simulate the silk look, some manufactures use the label name on the Scarves of "Silk Satin" which is very misleading. 

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